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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send tips in SMS?

No, members receive tips only into email inbox.

How can I trust you?

Check the statistics of past performance and have a look at the users` reviews. I never lie to my community.

Why should I use your website?

I offer high win rate tips for low price. I never cheat my subscribers.

What odds can I expect?

The tips are produced with odds medium to high starting from 1.70.

I want to thank you, how can I do that?

Just stay with my community, subscribe for the next month and it will be enough for me.

What leagues do you cover?

I cover a lot of leagues. Tips come on games both from top-5 leagues and less popular ones.

Do I need to do any research?

No, I work 6-8 hours per day to prepare winning predictions for you. You don`t need to do any research.

What is my revenue?

If you follow only my tips and money management advice you at least double your bankroll each month.

What payment options do you accept?

You can pay using debit/credit cards or PayPal.

Do you use any software? What is it?

Yes, I use additional tools but I can`t name them.